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Jerry Houser  ‘N’  David Prince

Separated at birth, it was only a matter of time and perfect casting before these two popular and award-winning VO artists/radio producers found each other again. (It was in a small studio in Hollywood. Tears were shed. Peanut M&Ms were consumed. Great radio was born.)

Dave, the one with the goatee, and Jer, the one with the other goatee, discovered they play very well together. Especially in Jer’s recording studio. 

The result: entertaining, engaging, effective radio campaigns that make their clients sound amazing. Just go to the
samples page and hear for yourself.

More on Dave ‘n’ Jer
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(Hey, we’re busy doing radio right now! )

If you’re reading this you’re doing one of three things -
  a: Looking for the right radio company to write and produce original, award-winning campaigns for you or your client.

b: Searching for a team of highly trained artists and producers to make your own scripts leap off the page and into the right ears.

c: Scoping out the competition.

Well, whoever you are -
              Welcome to David Prince Productions!


We do it all. (If by “it” you mean funny, dramatic, effective radio.)

Writing – We have some of the most talented radio writers in the country ready to write super-fabulous new scripts or punch-up existing ones.

Casting – We’ve done thousands of spots. We know thousands of voices. We know how to find the one or two that are perfect for you.

Production – With our own state-of-the-art, in-house sound design studio, mounting studio costs are never a problem. That way we can finish our spots without having to worry about that pesky “Mr. Clock”.

Payroll – Need an AFTRA Signator to pay talent? We’re your guys.

Media – Yeah we do that.

Español – Si.